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Rejuvenating BeLoved Essential Natural Facial Serum

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Why We Love This Product:

You can use serum all over the body! The gentle rejuvenating serum is perfect for treated, tired, dry, and/or mature skin. You'll find Evening Primrose, Argan, Rosehip oil, Jojoba, and a handful of essential oils such as Carrot Seed and Lavender in this easily absorbed, highly effective serum. It also helps to combat splitting nails (both hands and feet) and to keep the re-growth of new hair manageable. Use on your lips for extra protection. 


Gently massage 3-4 drops onto your face and neck in an upward circular motion. Massage into nail beds of both hands and feet. Run a few drops through your hair as it regrows to help keep it soft and manageable. 1 oz