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NEW and oh-so WOW!!

Our Infinite Love Chunky Knit blanket has been a fan favorite from day one, and our new ultra-thick minky chenille yarn elevates them to a higher level of sumptuous softness and luxury. Light, airy and oh-so wow. Relaxed knitting makes them silky smooth and cozy.

Give the joy of chunky knit blankets to people of all ages. Our cuddle size makes a perfect cuddle lovie for babies and kids – let their little fingers wrap around the soft, fluffy, chunky knit yarn. Teens and adults enjoy the tactile relaxation of a chunky cuddle at their desk or while traveling.

Uniquely crafted using only one continuous center yarn, we produce the highest quality chunky knit blankets. Most chunky knit blankets use multiple threads burned together creating multiple failure points. Our technology ensures a beautiful, cohesive knitted blanket that lasts through use and washing.

Snap a personal message onto your blanket with our signature . Choose from 10 messages that add fun and personality right onto the blanket.

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SIZE:  20” x 20”

CARE: Machine wash in cold water; do not add bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat; do not wring or iron. May be dry cleaned.

100% polyester chenille yarn (2 cm diameter)