Luxe LOVie Blankets

BIG LOViE blankets capture the magical comfort, healing power and innate sweetness of baby blankies for everyone. With BIG LOViEs, kids can grow up with their favorite blanket, and friends can share lovies with friends. We all need a BIG LOViE!

hey crafted spiritually uplifting messages. And they explored ways for BIG LOViE to humbly help others by launching a charitable partners program to spread comfort, joy and love even further.

Yes, they’re phenomenal blankets. But for Rosie and Sheba, they’re so much more: “BIG LOViE blankets are like real-life hugs capable of nurturing peace-filled, happy hearts.”

Rosie DeSimone and Sheba Fideler are friends and business owners that have created these soft high end blankets for real life hugs.